Vegatronic 6000 DZ

Unrivalled range of pack styles, from Doy style, to quattro and pillow bag. Reclosable zipper available on doy style packs. Fully automatic change-over with great accessibility for easy maintenance.

A brand-new release of IMA Ilapak’s bestselling Vegatronic 6000 will be launched at Interpack 2023 featuring several options making it unique in its category such as a great range of pack styles, fully automatic change-over solutions, minimum change-over time, great accessibility to seal racks, standard components interchangeable with existing Vegatronic 6000 on the field, compact design, and high speed.

In fact, it will be able to run traditional pillow and block bottom bags, Quattro bags with central or corner seal, Doy Shark pouches with or without inline zipper, 3SS bags up to pyramid bags.

The machine efficiency has been enhanced thanks to a fully automatic, servo assisted change-over system available on the rear corner seal rack for Quattro and Shark pouches, with the rear corner seal racks being designed with an innovative sliding frame for easy access during maintenance.

A rotated jaw carriage will be fitted on top of the standard carriage to run Doy Shark pouches or 3SS and can be easily taken in and out with a dedicated support cart by removing 4 screws only.
Machines leaving the factory can be predisposed to run Doy Shark or Quattro bags in the future or from the very beginning with no limitation on the usual pillow bag speed rate.

The new machine will be capable to fit pillow forming tubes and sealing jaws from exiting Vegatronic 6000 and share the same consumables such as belts, heaters, probes etc.

In addition, the machine footprint and height will still be among the most compact in its range.


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