New Doytronic, are you still wondering why?



Because Doytronic has a much smaller footprint than traditional equipment based on a similar technology.
Because Doytronic is so easy to use and flexible that it handles film reels as well as preformed pouches.
Because Doytronic implements automatic format changeover, meaning improved productivity and
fewer operator tasks.
And if you’re still wondering, Doytronic features an energy-saving system to cut your operating costs.

Compact, versatile and sustainable. And many more reasons why.



Innovative Pouch FFS machinery with unrivalled compact design thanks to vertical intermittent bag forming and horizontal filling stations with hybrid movement.
The new IMA Ilapak machine features an extreme flexibility with modular design making it capable to produce bags from film reels or run and seal pre-made bags from an optional buffer.
Great efficiency due to fully automatic format change over system on forming, filling, and sealing stations driven by magnetic shuttles.


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